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Composite material is a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and some type of binding agent. Together, these form a material that is denser, stronger, and heavier than wood alone, a wood-plastic composite. We work with many brands, levels, and colors. The most common brands we use are:


You can click on each brand name to take you to their websites where you can find the different levels and colors. ​

Below is a slideshow of composite decks we've done.


The vinyl decking product we use is called Duradek.  Duradek is a long-lasting, low-maintenance waterproof protection for decks with a 15-year warranty. Duradek vinyl deck membranes are designed for strength, durability, and slip resistance. Everything below the covered surface will be completely protected. Duradek is installed only by trained, certified deck builders, is installed only once, and can be used immediately after installation. Click here to go to their website and see the color options. 

Note: All Hands On Deck is currently Nebraska's exclusive installers of Duradek. 


Below is a slideshow of Duradek decks we've done


Good old-fashioned wood is always a great choice as well! We typically work with AC-2, Cedar-Toned, and Cedar. While we don't currently offer any sealing or staining services, that is something to keep in mind for a wood deck. Typically, you will need to seal your wood deck once a year to properly maintain it. 


Below is a slideshow of wood decks we've done. 
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